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Welcome to The Trivia Quiz Site. If you’re looking for unique themed quizzes, or pre written pub quizzes then you’re in luck! We have a variety of uniquely written quizzes covering general knowledge, multiple choice and more.

We spend a lot of time creating our quizzes and writing questions. As well as our FREE quizzes, we also have the add on option to pre written quiz packs with everything you need to host your own quiz night for a low cost.

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Pre Written Pub Quizzes

Our pre written pub quizzes include four rounds of ten questions, a picture round and three tie break questions. Each round in the pre written pub quizzes contain –

  • General Knowledge round
  • Three themed rounds which can include music, sports, movies, food, drink, animals etc
  • Picture round which may be a themed round or a mixed picture quiz round

All pre written pub quiz packs include a PDF download so don’t forget to pop back for new pre written pub quizzes as they are added.

Themed Quiz Rounds

Our themed quiz rounds cover a variety of topics. We include General Knowledge, anagrams quizzes, movies, songs, and plenty more. Find our categories below and choose a quiz to try yourself or with a group of people.

General Knowledge

General Knowledge is a vast subject. Find quizzes including multiple choice and true or false quiz questions.


Choose from a variety of animal themed quizzes


Which themed country quiz will you choose first?


From Princesses to Villains, choose your quiz


Find quizzes from music to TV shows and more

Food & Drink

Choose your favourite food and drink quiz


What happened and when in history?


Go back to nature with these quiz questions


Quizzes for each holiday and month of the year


Find quizzes on your favourite sports

Pre Written Pub Quizzes

Ready to host your own pub quiz? Download pre written pub quizzes to save time and all for a low cost.