Pop Music Quiz Questions

Welcome to the ultimate pop music quiz. Pop music began in the 1950’s and was popular in the UK and USA. Did you know pop music means popular music, and modern pop often includes repeated choruses in the vocals. Pop music is easy to dance to which is one of the reasons why it’s so … Read more

Autumn / Fall Trivia Quiz Questions

Depending on where you live, the season of Autumn or Fall in the Northern Hemisphere is between September and November. These Autumn quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of what happens through September, October and November. How many will you guess correctly? Autumn Fall Trivia Round 1 In what month does the Autumn … Read more

Home Alone Quiz Questions

How well do you know the Home Alone films? Try this amazing Home Alone quiz to test your knowledge of Kevin McCallister and his family. The iconic 90s movie is set around Christmas time, starring Macaulay Culkin and has been popular to watch over the years. Home Alone Quiz Round 1 How many siblings does … Read more

80s Movie Trivia

The 80s had some classic films such as Dirty Dancing, Footloose and many more. These 80s movie trivia questions are sure to set your memories alight from that great decade. How many of these 80s movie quiz questions will you guess correctly? Do you know your Tom Cruise from Michael J Fox? 80s Movies Trivia … Read more

Christmas Music Quiz

How well do you know your Christmas carols and Christmas number 1’s? Try this Christmas music quiz to test your knowledge of Christmas songs.  Christmas Music Quiz Round 1 Who sang Holly Jolly Christmas? Michael Buble sang Holly Jolly Christmas What’s the title of the song that include the lyrics – “Snowin’ and blowin’ up … Read more

Hocus Pocus Trivia Quiz

Welcome to The Hocus Pocus trivia quiz. Will this be the hardest Hocus Pocus quiz you will ever take? There were 29 years between the original Hocus Pocus film and the sequel. Why not get ready for Halloween and see how many of these quiz questions you can answer correctly. Hocus Pocus Trivia Quiz Round … Read more

Horror Movie Trivia Quiz

Who are the scariest characters in horror movies? Why not try this horror movie trivia quiz to see how much you really know about the spooky horror movies popular around Halloween in October. Horror Movie Trivia Round 1 Name the character from all the Halloween movie series Michael Myers In what year was the first A … Read more

Tennis Quiz Questions

The game of tennis is a racket sport played either in singles or doubles These tennis quiz questions are designed to see just how much you know about the popular sport. There is no set time for a tennis match to be played in, but on average a best of three match lasts around an … Read more

December Trivia Quiz Questions

Welcome to our December trivia quiz. The month of December arrives after November and is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The festive month of December sees Christmas arrive. Try these December quiz questions to see how many you can get correct. December Trivia Quiz Round 1 What family show is traditionally put on at Christmas … Read more

Earth Day Quiz Questions

Why not take the ultimate Earth Day quiz to test your knowledge of all things surrounding the environment and climate change. Earth Day is an annual event held in the Spring showing support for environmental protection.  Earth Day Quiz Questions Round 1 In what year did the original Earth Day take place? The first Earth … Read more