Agatha Christie Trivia Quiz Questions

How well do you know Agatha Christie? The queen of mystery is famous for her amazing novels and characters. In this Agatha Christie trivia quiz, you are invited to see just how much of her world of mystery and ingenious detectives you can remember. 

Why not take a journey on the virtual Orient Express with Hercule Poirot, or visit St. Mary Mead to see Miss Marple to answer these Agatha Christie questions.

Orient Express

Agatha Christie Trivia Quiz Round 1

What pseudonym did Agatha Christie also write under?

Agatha Christie also wrote under the name of Mary Westmacott

Which novel was detective Hercule Poirot introduced for the first time?

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

What’s the title of Agatha Christie’s autobiography?

Agatha Christie’s autobiography is titled An Autobiography

Finish the title of the Agatha Christie novel – The ______ of Roger _______

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Which of Agatha Christie’s plays is known for the world’s longest running play shown at London’s West End?

The Mousetrap


Agatha Christie Trivia Quiz Round 2

What nationality is Hercule Poirot?

Hercule Poirot is Belgian

In what year did Agatha Christie die?

Agatha Christie died in 1976

What is Miss Marple’s first name?

Miss Marple’s first name is Jane

Which of Agatha Christie’s novels take place on an aeroplane?

Death in the Clouds takes place on an aeroplane

What’s the name of the retired government employee character who appears in a short story collection?

James Parker Pyne


Agatha Christie Trivia Quiz Round 3

What’s the title of the first full length novel where we meet Miss Marple?

The Murder at the Vicarage is the first full length novel featuring Miss Marple

Who is the victim in The Orient Express?

Samuel Ratchett is the victim in The Orient Express

Multiple Choice – How many Agatha Christie novels does Hercule Poirot appear in?

  • 25
  • 33
  • 40

Hercule Poirot appears in 33 Agatha Christie novels

Who is Miss Marple’s nephew?

Miss Marple’s nephew is Raymond West

True or False – Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot never appear in a novel together?

This is TRUE

river nile

Agatha Christie Trivia Quiz Round 4

In the 2022 movie Death on the Nile, who plays Hercule Poirot?

Kenneth Brannagh plays Hercule Poirot

The character of Tommy and Tuppence first appear in which Agatha Christie novel?

Tommy and Tuppence first appear in The Secret Adversary

Which actress who also appeared as a character in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast has portrayed the character of Miss Marple?

Angela Lansbury

In what month is Agatha Christie’s birthday?

Agatha Christie’s birthday is in September

What stops the train in Murder on the Orient Express?

A snowdrift stops the train in Murder on the Orient Express

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