Orange Quiz Questions And Answers

Welcome to our quiz about the colour orange. These orange quiz questions are designed to test your general knowledge on all things orange. 

The colour orange is often associated with warmth and positivity, so stay positive and answers these great orange trivia questions.

the colour orange

Orange Quiz Questions Round 1

What three properties on a UK Monopoly board are orange?

Vine Street, Marlborough Street and Bow Street

How many segments are in a Chocolate Orange?

There are 20 segments in a Chocolate Orange

An orange is used to symbolise what at a Christingle?

An orange is used to symbolise the World

In what US state will you find Orange County?

Orange County is in California

What Country’s flag has stripes of green, white and orange from left to right?

The Irish flag has green, white and orange stripes


Orange Quiz Questions Round 2

Which London tube line is orange in colour?

The Circle line

TRUE or FALSE – Oranges are considered good luck in Chinese culture?

This is TRUE they are often given as gifts during Chinese New Year

What is the word for orange in Spanish?

Orange in Spanish is naranja

Finish the nursery rhyme lyrics – Oranges and lemons say the _____ of St. ________

Oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clement’s

Which number is on a solid orange billiard ball?

The number 5 is on a solid orange billiard ball

billiard balls

Orange Quiz Questions Round 3

What colour do you get by mixing green and orange together?

Green and orange makes brown

What’s the name of the client in the Sherlock Holmes short story Five Orange Pips?

John Openshaw is the client in Five Orange Pips

Name the cocktail made with Gin, Vermouth, Campari and garnished with orange peel

A Negroni

In what 1990s band was Jason Orange a member?

Jason Orange was in Take That

Finish the title of the American Drama series – Orange Is The New ______

Orange Is The New Black

cooked sweet potato

Orange Quiz Questions Round 4

In what Country will you find Orange River?

Orange River is in Africa

Which cartoon character from Scooby Doo wears an orange outfit?

Velma wears an orange outfit

Which orange fruit has a stone in the middle?

An apricot is an orange fruit with a stone in the middle

What garden bird has an orange tummy?

A bullfinch has an orange tummy

What root vegetable has a brown skin and orange inside?

A sweet potato

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