Australia Trivia Questions And Answers

How much do you know about Australia? These Australia trivia questions are sure to get your brain working. Australia is the World’s sixth largest country famous for its beaches and amazing landmarks.

Australia map

Australia Trivia Questions Round 1

What’s the national animal of Australia?

The Red Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia.

The largest sand island in the World liles just off the coast of Australia. What’s it called?

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the World, and is just off the east coast of Australia.

Australia hosted the Summer Olympics in the year 2000. Which part of the country did they take place in?

The 2000 Summer Olympics were held in Sydney, Australia.

Which date does Australia celebrate Anzac Day?

Anzac Day is celebrated on 25th April each year.

Which year did the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours begin?

Neighbours was first aired in 1985.

sydney opera house

Australia Trivia Questions Round 2

In which part of Australia will you find Bondi Beach?

Bondi Beach is located in Sydney, Australia.

Name the famous wind instrument that begins with the letter D and originated in Australia.

The Didgeridoo originated in Australia.

How many time zones are there in Australia?

Australia has three different time zones. They are Australian Eastern Standard Time, Australian Central Standard Time,  and Australian Western Standard Time.

Which actor starred in the 1986 movie Crocodile Dundee?

Paul Hogan

What’s the name of the Australian food similar to Marmite?



Australia Trivia Questions Round 3

Who was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?

Julia Gillard became the first Australian Prime Minister in 2010.

One of the most famous native Australian animals is a Koala Bear. What are Koala Bear babies called?

A baby Koala is called a Joey.

What sport will you find at the Melbourne Cup?

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most famous horse race.

In which year was the Sydney Opera House opened by Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Elizabeth II opened the Sydney Opera House in 1973.

Will you find New South Wales on the East or West coast of Australia?

New South Wales is located on the East coast of Australia.

Australian flag

Australia Trivia Questions Round 4

What’s the Capital City of Australia?


The largest cattle station in the World is located in Australia. What’s it called?

Anna Creek Station can be found in South Australia.

What’s the name of the annual open tennis tournament held in Melbourne?

The Australian Open

Name the famous World Heritage site that’s located off the coast of Queensland and is also the largest coral reef system in the World.

The Great Barrier Reef

What’s the name of the largest carnivorous marsupial found in Australia?

The Tasmanian Devil 

Sydney Harbour bridge

Australia Trivia Questions Round 5

Who was the first Australian Prime Minister?

Edmund Barton was the first Australian Prime Minister between 1901 until 1903

The famous Australian operatic soprano Dame Nellie Melba was born with a different name. What was it?

Dame Nellie Melba was born Helen Porter Mitchell

Multiple Choice – The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the World. What year did the bridge open?

  • 1935
  • 1932
  • 1939

The Sydney Harbour bridge opened in 1932

How many states cover Australia?

There are six states in Australia

True or False – Australia is part of the Commonwealth

True – Australia is part of the Commonwealth – an association of Countries across the World

Brisbane Australia

Australia Trivia Questions Round 6

What two seas bounds the Northern Territory of Australia to the North?

The Arafura and Timor seas bound the Northern Territory to the North

The former Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin was Prime Minister for how many times?

Alfred Deakin was Prime Minister for three times

Which animal based film was the highest grossing Australian film for over thirty years?

Crocodile Dundee

What is the smallest mainland territory in Australia?

Australian Capital Territory is the smallest mainland territory in Australia

The Margaret River wine region belongs to which part of Australia?

You’ll find the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia

Murray river

Australia Trivia Questions Round 7

Australia Day falls on which date in January?

January 26th is Australia Day

Which Australian state isn’t on the mainland?


Name the character Guy Pearce played in Neighbours?

Guy Pearce played Mike Young in Neighbours

The first Australian Lifesaving Club was founded in 1907 in Bondi and recognised by the SLSA. What does SLSA stand for?

Surf Life Saving Australia

What is the longest river in Australia?

The longest river in Australia is the Murray river which travels through Southeastern Australia

Golden wattle

Australia Trivia Questions Round 8

Which Neighbours actress and Australian singer released a 90’s single called Torn?

Natalie Imbruglia

What season is it in December in Australia?

It’s Summer in Australia in December

What national disaster hit Australia on Christmas Day in 1974?

Cyclone Tracy 

The Acacia Pycnantha is the scientific term for what Australian flower?

The Golden Wattle 

What is Australia’s Easter mascot?

A bilby is an Easter mascot in Australia

Australia Trivia Questions Round 9

What is the nickname for the Australian National Rugby Union team?

The Australian National Rugby Union team are nicknamed the Wallabies

What does AFL stand for in Australian sport?

AFL stands for Australian Football League

What fictional town features in the Australian soap opera Home and Away?

Summer Bay is the fictional town in Home and Away

What famous landmark will you find at Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia?

The Sydney Opera House

How many points are there on the Commonwealth star on the Australian flag?

The Commonwealth star on the Australian flag has seven points

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