Autumn / Fall Trivia Quiz Questions

Depending on where you live, the season of Autumn or Fall in the Northern Hemisphere is between September and November. These Autumn quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of what happens through September, October and November. How many will you guess correctly?

Autumn leaves

Autumn Fall Trivia Round 1

In what month does the Autumn equinox take place?

The Autumn equinox takes place in September each year

What chemical word is responsible for leaves changing colour in the Autumn?

Chlorophyll is responsible for leaves changing colour

What is the Mid Autumn festival also known as?

The Mid Autumn festival is also known as the Moon Festival

What is the translation of Kuerbissuppe?

Kuerbissuppe means pumpkin soup

What English poet wrote Fall, Leaves, Fall?

Emily Bronte


Autumn Fall Trivia Round 2

What film with Autumn in the title stars Richard Gere and Winona Ryder?

Autumn In New York

What three months are Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere?

March, April and May are Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere

True or False – pears are harvested in Autumn?

This is TRUE

According to Greek Mythology, Autumn began when which Goddess was abducted by Hades?


Name the Autumn festival that is also called Festival Of Lights

Diwali is also called the Festival of Lights


Autumn Fall Trivia Round 3

What three colours do leaves on trees turn in Autumn or Fall?

Leaves change from green to yellow, orange and red

What’s the name of the full and bright moon that occurs near the start of Autumn?

The Harvest Moon

What German festival takes place in Autumn?

Oktoberfest takes place in Autumn

What is Autumn known as in North America?

Autumn is known as Fall in North America

What type of tree does a conker come from?

A conker comes from a Horse Chestnut tree


Autumn Fall Trivia Round 4

Which US federal holiday marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn in September?

Labor Day marks the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn in United States

What species of bird has an Autumn song?

A robin has an Autumn song

Which animal buries acorns in Autumn to be ready for the Winter?

Squirrels bury acorns in Autumn

What flower beginning with C is associated with Autumn?

A Chrysanthemum is associated with Autumn

Name the movie set on Halloween night starring three witch sisters

Hocus Pocus

Autumn Fall Trivia Round 5

What is the Latin word for Autumn?

The Latin word for Autumn is Autumna

Which English poet wrote the poem – To Autumn?

John Keats wrote the poem To Autumn

What is the first month of Autumn in Australia?

March is the first month of Autumn in Australia

What star sign are you if your birthday is on 1st October?

Your star sign is Libra if your birthday is on 1st October

Which band sang the hit song November Rain?

Guns ‘N Roses sang November Rain

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